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The mission of T2R is to provide affordable transportation in the form of bus passes to low-income individuals involved in the Monroe County criminal justice system. The objective is to enable them to attend .. court appearances, treatment sessions, . parole and probation appointments, and educational and job training programs. 

The anticipated outcome is a cost savings to the community achieved by . reduction in the number of bench warrants, less time needed by police to locate noncompliant defendants, decrease in the number of jail nights triggered by non-compliance, and smoother reentry to the community following incarceration.

A Steering Committee has shepherded the project from concept to execution.  It includes representatives from county government, social service agencies, pretrial services, the sheriff’s office, various courts and judges, faith-based organizations, Salem Nutrition Center (soup kitchen), and more. The committee is chaired by Brighton Town Judge Karen Morris.  

Ticket2Ride Rochester is proud to partner with Huther Doyle.



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